Calling all Partisoupants! Soup Ste. Marie Applications Are Now Being Accepted!

What is Soup Ste Marie?

Soup Ste Marie is an annual kick-starter campaign and communal experience. Community members who have an idea or project submit an application to be given a chance to perform a 5 minute, word only pitch, followed by a 5 minute Q&A. All Soup Ste Marie supporters pay $10.00 for a bowl of soup and this gives them one vote to pick their favourite idea. All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the winner!

In one night you can engage in community discussion around the topic, eat dinner, see a variety of ideas, pitch your idea (if you applied and were selected) and have a vote on the 2018 winner.

This is a BYOB event, meaning Bring Your Own Bowl.

How to apply?

*Applications need to be submitted by Wednesday April 25th at 4pm.

*Successful applications will be contacted by noon on Thursday April 26th

You will have until April 30th to put together a 5 minute pitch to explain your idea and relevant information to the crowd. This is done in a speaking only platform. No slideshows, projectors or fireworks please!

What are the rules?

“Partisoupants” chosen based on the following criteria:

* Community benefit

* Achievability

* Creativity

* Strong connection to the theme: Positive Environmental Impacts: Ideas or projects creating positive environmental change.

*maximum two entries per presenter, separate entry forms

When is it?

Monday April 30th from 5 to 8pm Sault College G1200 Enji Maawnjiding